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8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note coming in March?


Source: NAS Tech web design

Perhaps you’ve been jonesing for a Galaxy Note but 5 inches wasn’t big enough and 10 inches was just too darned big. Fear not, for Samsung is getting ready to release an 8-inch Galaxy Note, according to insiders with knowledge of the company’s plans. Samsung isn’t the kind of company that likes to leave a potential market segment untouched.  With small (if you can call the Galaxy Note and Note 2 small) and large sizes already covered, it was only a matter of time before the medium became a reality.

What details do we know about the new 8-inch Galaxy Note? Nothing has been confirmed by Samsung yet, but it’s rumored to feature a 1280 by 800 SLCD display, 2GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB of internal storage with micro SD expansion, and support for GSM and HSPA networks. In case you’re planning on snapping pictures with your mid-sized tablet, Samsung is including a 5MP rear-facing camera. There is, of course, a front-facing camera, too, so that you can participate in video calls and take the occasional both-arms-extended group photo.

It’s also expected to match the HSPA-equipped Nexus 7 with a 4300mAh battery pack, so you should be able to bank on about 8 hours of continuous use. And of course, Samsung will include an S-Pen so you can take full advantage of the 8-inch Note. Samsung’s latest offering will also be slimmer and slightly lighter than the Nexus 7, measuring just 7.95mm thick and weighing in at 330 grams.

Look for the 8-inch Galaxy Note to debut during or near Mobile World Congress. Near might be a better guess, based on what the company did last year with the launch of the Galaxy S3. There’s also been some talk that the 8-inch Note may debut alongside the Galaxy S4.


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This entry was posted on January 17, 2013 by in Mobile.

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